Advanced Maneuver – Model Airplane Flight Techniques

Wether you are interested in model airplanes or own one, this article is very interesting and fun to read. NAIL THE SNAP ROLE!

”If you want to achieve a good snap roll, practice is mandatory. The snap roll is an auto-rotation maneuver in a stalled condition. During a snap, one wing is stalled while the other is accelerated about the roll axis. This creates a sudden roll-rate acceleration that you can’t obtain by simply inputting aileron. To achieve this condition in a model, several inputs must be given, including elevator, rudder and aileron. Pilots of full-scale planes will scoff at the idea of adding aileron because it is not required when they deal with wing loading figures in the range of 35 pounds per square foot. Our models, however, typically carry a wing loading of from 20 to 40 ounces per square foot, so their flight dynamics are different from those of full-scale planes.” says DAN WOLANSKI from Click to read the full article.

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