2.4GHz 4CH Waterproof RC Quadcopter Drone Headless Mode / One Key Return

$59.95$69.95 inc. Vat

JJRC H31 makes it possible to fly rain or shine! The waterproof RC drone features the covered headlight, fully sealed motor and water drain hole. They greatly improve the waterproof performance, so the UAV can cope with the tough condition of 50m underwater.

Various functions make flying intuitive, easy and safe, including Headless Mode, One Key Return, 60-degree Flips, and more. Plug in an external camera module, you will also be able to record beautiful moments from the extraordinary perspective.


Main Features:

● Amazingly waterproof, it can stand being soaked up to 50m underwater.

● Headless Mode allows you to ignore the front of drone because it takes your front as its own. 

● With One Key Return and the built-in positioning system, it is facile for you to recall your drone.

● 3D aerobatic flight can be easily realized, so you can fly skillfully like a veteran does.

Customization options available for you to install a camera in order to shoot from the aerial angle.

● Impressive LED lighting effect at night ensures the visibility so you can pilot the drone in the darkness.

● High / low flying speed changeable swiftly, so you can pick up speed / slow down as you like.


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